Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog Sale

****Blog Sale Rules**** Please read carefully.

1. PAYMENT: is through PAYPAL ONLY.

2. SHIPPING and HANDLING: For USA & Canada $3 for first item and an additional $0.50 for each additional item. For international shipping $7 for the first item and an additional $0.75 for each additional item.

3. BUYING/BIDDING: This will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. I will send you an invoice for the items available. Please let me know ASAP if you don't want the items in your invoice.

4. Leave a list of the items you would like to purchase in the comments, as well as an e-mail address that I can send your Paypal Invoice to. Please also specify which USA/Canada or International. I will also contact you through that e-mail address for your mailing address.

5. If you win, please pay within 24 hours after the invoice has been sent.

6. Everything is final sale. No returns.

8. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.

9. Check your email a few minutes after you inquire for something. If you have an invoice you won!

Mac Bronzer from Lilly Land used 5 or 6x's $12 SOLD

Face Front eyeshadow got for $10 selling for $5.00/each, used a hand full of times
beijing beat, sweet soil, vanilla chance, barter batter and velvonce  SOLD

startes at beijing beat then goes down to the dark brown sweet soil then back up to vanilla chance the lighter of the cream colors

MAC Pink Bronze pigment, still full maybe used once of that $9.00  SOLD

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NW20 used a few time $9.00  see mine most updated blog sale

NYC blushable creme stick limited color came out this pass summer Wild Berry $3.00, used 1 I think if that  SOLD

MAC lip stick cremesheen Jazzed used to test $8.00   SOLD

UD eyeliner Perversion used a 3-4 times (black), Ecstasy(purple) used 2 twice but is a little thick in consistency from when I bought on line( it's soo pretty ) $9.00/each   SOLD

Zoya nail polish brand new never used, Envy( dark green), Roxy(pink glitter) Isla( nice red) $5.00 each SOLD

Britany Spear Fantasy 1.7, used once or twice still new bottle $18.50 shipping $5.00 for US or Can

3 bars of soap 2 are karma, solid bar of shampoo, body scrub, and toner tabs all for one price $18.50/ shipping would be alittle more about $5 cuz of the weight of the soap  SOLD

As you can see it's new $3.50 END UP USING IT LOL

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Sale

I know I said months ago I was going to have a blog sale I finally took pictures and just have to upload then set up pricing in all, I will keep you posted hoping to have it all up by the wkend

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One more update of the miscarry

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to post what happened to me because I know that it happens to women everyday, I though my story would help someone else out plus it just made me feel better talking about it as well. It's been a few wks now since I wrote on here last so here is the next update, for almost a wk after I miscarried I was having really bad pains I had no clue why or what was going on, I was taking anything an everything to help the pain an nothing and I mean nothing was helping. It was Halloween day and I called my CVS to see if they knew anything about the meds that I took, they told me it would pass within 24 hrs out of my body an said I should go to the ER, Well I didn't want to because of the fee $100. After a few hours the pain did go away the next day was Monday finally so I called my doctor, she told me that I still had tissue left over in me that the pain was my body trying to rid of it. The funny thing is once i got off the phone with her the tissue did pass an I felt 100% better. I'm going back in Jan for test to see why I can't carry, I can get prego but for some reason or another I just can't carry the baby it's very upsetting since everyone around me is or has them, I feel like at times I have nothing in common with my friends because everytime we are together they always seem to talk about there kids an what am I going to talk about my cats haha..I do have a few great friends that know how I feel an they talk about life and everything else that's going on other then their kids which is nice

I'm hoping to update my blog more sorry I haven't be around in a while
Love me

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My life Update

Hello All

so I know I haven't been on here in so long, I'm really sorry about that. I guess life has gotten away from me. This month has been a bad one for me, this is something I need to get off my chest because it's a painful thing I went through, my BF Justin and I got prego well I did ( did is the hint word here) in Sept I took a home prego test and it said I was, I was shocked for many reason 1. I live at home still 2. I'm not ready to have a baby and 3. Justin an I need to have a place of our own. I went to the doctors they did blood work and a few other test everything seemed okay till one day I went to the bathroom and I started to spot reason for me freakin out is I was prego with Justin in 2008 I bled through out the whole time every time I went to the doctors he said your fine just go on bed rest at 19 wks Feb 22 2:00 am in the morning I lost what was our baby boy cuz my OBGYN had no clue what the hell he was doing, I had a very bad infection and it pushed out the baby, so that's the reason for my freak out. I went to my new OBGYN she said the heart beat wasn't were it should be it should read 130-140 it was at 100 at about 6wks. I had a feel something was going to go wrong so I never got my hopes up high, I went for a few ultra sounds and the last one was this passed Tue 26 the heart beat stopped at 7wks. My doctor called me said we can do 1 out of 3 things wait have it pass on it own but that could be a few wks, have a DNC or take 4 pills you put up your you no what an that starts the miscarry, so I went for 3. I did this last night at 7pm it took 3 hours for it to start to bleed and pass, it was soo painful I was up all night with cramps and changing pads about every hour to 30mins, I took another day off from work and now I'm laying in bed, thinking why does this keep happening to me. I did talk with my doctor about doing a few different test but I have to went about a month for my body to go back to normal. It's not a easy thing to go through an I can never understand why some people it's soo easy an others it's not then you have people that toss their babies out the car window an drive off, just kills me really does

I'm doing okay and I think for now I'm going to hold off on the baby making thing it's more of a let down to me then anything, you get your hopes soo high an then it gets shoot down soo fast

Thank You for ready Love me

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tan Towel

OMG i had to share with you all this great tanning product I have used this summer if you have light skin like myself this is soo great for you, it's soo natural looking and it doesn't turn orange at all, sorry I dont' have a picture of it on my skin

This is what the towel looks like, so before I'm going to use I always scrub my body to make sure it applies nicely, then after I get out of the shower I dry off and whip the towel all over, I found that you have to be careful around the feet. It doesn't smell gross at all, just in case you wanted to no that as well haha.. with n a few hours you have a great soft tan

Blog Sale

Hello All, Sorry that I haven't been around in so long, I have been doing more vid's on youtube then posting on here, so just a update within the next few weeks I'm going to be having a blog sale on makeup, nailpolish and 3 coach bags that I no longer use, so keep an eye out for this

Love yeah Me xox

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swap from Canada

I have never done a swap before an it's kinda funny how it happened, so let me tell you my story. Well some of you may no that I do vid's on you tube an I did a vid on ECO's lip balm, one of my followers ask where she can get them so here is the US we have stores called Wal-Greens and Rite Aid, she doesn't have those kinda stores in Canada,I then asked her if she would like me to grab them and mail out, she was soo excited that I would have even asked she then asked what I would lik,e I was dieing to try a few things from Canada as well, so we decided to do a swap for about $40, we collected all our stuff for a few weeks this way we wouldn't go poor in the mean time haha and then shipped out at the end of the month which was March. The above picture is what I got from that swap I was soo excited an happy with everything. Here is a close up picture of the Annebell eyeshadow quads she sent me I love these colors soo much they are soo me and wearable for a everyday looks. The next picture is from Gosh which I have been dieing to try there stuff , like the Annebelle here in the US we can only order on line which is kinda hard to color match things and if you don't like then you have to ship back and pay more money for shipping. I was glad she pick these products out for me, she does have similar taste to mine so it made it alot easier on the both of us when picking out stuff.The eyeshadows are amazing I was soo happy to try these out, they are soo pretty on an again something I can wear every day. OMG this lip gloss is amazing, it has a little mirror on it as well when u open it a light I No a light how cool is that, so when I'm at the movies and need to apply lipgloss this is the one thats going with me haha, the color is a light gold which I never really wear but will on this one very pretty on. The last picture is of a gloss I never heard of Quo Double Dip Lip Gloss, let me tell you it smells soo good it has clear lipgloss on the outside and the inner tube is a pretty light pink tint, fun to wear but I don't notice the color to much on my lips, and with that she sent Burt bees products which you can get here in the US.The last 2 things were polish which are on the side the brand is OPI by Nicole too funny my name is Nicole, they also sell these at Walmart which we can get in the US but over all it was a fun swap and I can't wait to do it again with her.

Spring Fun Time Look

Hello All, Since spring has spung, I have been in the mood for some fun time eyeshadow looks. I Love the way this look came out so much I have to share it with you, as you can see it's not bright and bold but just enough POP. All the Products that I used are Mac unless other wise stated
1. first I primed my eyes with UD primer
2. on most of the outter lid I placed Juxt then I applied Lucky Green over that
3. on the inner part of the eye I applied Shroom blended into the Juxt and Lucky Green
4. I then applied Alantic Blue in the crease blending within the Lucky Green
5. on the upper lash line I then applied Maybelline Line Stiletto in black
6. water line I then applied Annabelle in Earth Terre, if you don't have any light grey or brow
will do
7. under that on the lash line I then put Interrial pearlglide
8. macara I used was Covergirl lashblast luxe
9. lips Syrup
I no this may be alot so if you need to see this done here is the tube vid of it as well

Thank you again for stopping bye <3

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Natural everyday look

Hello Everyone, if I'm in the mood for a natural look to wear this is what I got for all the time, it's easy and pretty looking not over done at all, Oh an one more thing this is also a contest entry for
Lorraine Stanick The CurrentCustom, her blog is
so from start to finish I will tell you what I have on all over my face
1. foundation Nars Sheer Matt
2. MSF Mac by Candle light for a glow
3. for contour or blush Mac Personal Style
4. eyeshadow NYX palette TS15 colors are Aloha/Mink brown/Deep Broze
5. liquid liner upper lash Maybelline line Stiletto in brownish black
6.water line and lower lash line Bourjois in 52 brun
7. lashes Mac Studio Fix lash
8. lips I wear Katie from BE or Sugar from Fresh
thank you for stopping by and please check out Lorraine's blog if you haven't already

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tea Time

For a while now I have been drinking tea, one of my close friends got me hooked. Over last summer I went with her severally times to Teavana an I would get 2oz of tea to try them out to see what I like best, so far I love white teas, green, herbal and rooibos. I did find a few mixes that I love together an they are, strawberry lemonade(herbal) mixed with fruta bomba or mixed with apple lemon pomegranata(rooibos) which I have been making allot of lately, youthberry(white tea) mixed with wild orange blossom(herbal), I have also tried tahitian limeda which is going to be great for the summer, there are so many different teas to choose from or mix together I get overwhelmed at times. I always wanted a tea pot so when I saw this little guy on line I new I had to have him but it was sold out, so when I went to Teavana the next week there it was, so cute and little, it makes only 4oz of tea. The cost for this tea pot was $29.99, I had a $10.00 off coupon so what a better time to buy him(his a little mouse) it's made out of purple clay which is dated back to Sung Dynasty(960-1279)when purple clay was first discovered. This I didn't no at all, that artsans utilize purple clay which contains natural minerals to create beautiful products. So when you use these kinds of tea pots you have to use the same favor tea in them cuz they do absorb the tea flavor with continued usage. That means if you are using a fruit tea you have to Always use a fruit tea in that one pot, I'm okay with this because that's all I really love right now is fruit teas. When you brew the tea you add your measured tea and german rock cane sugar( you can get at Teavana as well)to the pot let it steep for the lengh of that tea time, and then pour out his mouth an Enjoy you cup of tea.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eye Tutorial

Hello Everyone, if you all don't know by now that I have a youtube channel now you do(haha), when I was doing a haul video on my Lush Easter products I had a handful of people
asking me to do a tutorial on this look so I did. Here is the vid to that,as well as the products I have used, everything is Mac until other wise stated
the outter corner of the eye I used Birds and Berries
inner corner of the eye I used Phloof blended into Birds and Berries
in the increase I used Graphology
hightlight shroom

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a silly picture of us rolling our tongues, something funny we share together that knowone else in the family can't do!!

This is a picture of my niece, from 2 or 3 yrs ago, we went to Boston for the day and it was a hot one, there was this cool little waterfall not pictured that she was playing in, I so remember those days when I would go into town with my Nana, they were the best days ever, we would go places that mom never toke us too. I really love doing family things with her and to give her things that she will take with her for the rest of her life. Like this day trip, till this day she still talks about it off an on.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mac Libery Of London Collection

the above eyeshadow is Birds and Berries, out of all the eyeshadow in the collection this one got my eyes big time

Beauty Powder - Shell Pearl, I love wearing this alone or on top of my blush it has a nice shimmer to it which I highlights the cheek area nicely
if your a collector for Mac you will love the packaging on this one, it's really pretty and springy I will say, there was one more item I wanted a lipstick but there out of it in the store and on line I'm keeping my fingers crossed to getting a hold of it..

Lush Easter Products

On March 15th Lush came out with there Easter products, I was very excited to see what they were and smell them for sure!! they came out with a little yellow bunny( toward the left bottom of the picture) it's called honey bunny which smells just like honeybee it cost $3.95 which is smaller then the bath bomb so if you do like honeybee then this is a good deal, (next above that towards the right) is Hippie Chick which is a chicken bath bomb it smells amazing like grapefruit, citrus something that Lush doesn't have present in the stores and I LOVE THIS !!! cost is $5.95 (above that in pink) You have the Candy Fluffy Egg, if you love or like sweet smells then this one is for you, it smells like candy fluff the body powder they have with a mix or godmother soap and fairy godmother, to me it's too sweet but for someone else with a sweet tooth they will love, cost $6.95. The big yellow egg is honeybee and that's a big bath bomb you can get about 4 -6 baths I would say off of that big guy it also comes with Ma bar bubble bar and Honey I wash the kids soap which is placed inside half of the bath bomb, this is a great deal I think $24.95 because if you think about it honeybee bath bomb goes for $6.25 4 of those would be $25.00 alone and you get 2 other things along with that great deal. you can see the read up about Dorothy the bubble bar below

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lush Bubble Bar Dorothy

Lush just came out with a new bubble bar, if you like Figs and leave soap from them your will Love this bubble bar Smells just LIKE IT. They say on there site that it's a smell of ylang and sweet fig, quote from site will make you want to go skipping off to see the wizard haha. Not to sure why they come out with this or if it was just for fun anyway it is a nice smell and the color of the water looks just like that pretty blue bar . I for one love there bubble bars they make your skin feel so softed plus soo yummy !!!

Nars Sheer Matt foundation

I was on the hunt for a new foundation, I have heard so many good things about Nars sheer glow that I wanted to get it but after reading on their site sheer glow is for people that have Dry skin which I don't have. I went to my nearest Nordstrom to have a MUA apply to my skin and help me pick the right color for me, she put about 3 to 4 different shades on me until she found the right one Light03 Gobi. The color is so perfect for my skin color I was very please with her help over all, I also did ask her if I could use sheer glow she then asked if I had dry skin which again I don't,( combo skin is what I have) she said sheer matt is the best bet for me. The next day I did my foundation an I did notice that it does streak a little (I did apply with my fingers as the directions had said to) then I ended up spraying a little Fix Plus by Mac on my face an wow it helped out so much, it covered nicely and looked so good on I was very please with this foundation over all. I did notice by the end of the day that my skin wasn't so shiny as it has been in the past so that was Great!! I also liked how it evened out my skin tone as well plus oh I forgot to tell you that just cause it called sheer matt it didn't make my skin look so matt after all, it did have a sheen to it which was nice cause I Hate that Matt look on my skin since I do hav a little bit of older skin and that Matt look doesn't look so nice on older skin I think :) the price for this foundation is a little on the higher side over I do think it worth the money $42.00

Magnet punch for depotting Mac eye shadows

The other night I was depotting my Mac eye shadows that came in the containers, (by the way I real hate depotting can I tell you that much I just about broke not 1 but 2 eye shadows what a pain in the butt this is) so I was at this craft store called AC Moore an got a sheet of magnet an I was wondering how the hell am I going to cut them into circles( plus what size) then I got an idea(light bub went off LOL) that my mother does all different kinds of crafts so I came across this punching tool she had from Stamping Up, for those who don't know what that is it's where you make cards, scrap books and other crafts like that, so she had a punch stamp in 3/4 that fit perfect on the back of the eye shadows so I punched out the whole sheet as you can see from the picture to the side. I'm sure you can find a punch like this at any craft store, it was soo much earier then cutting out circle. Just had to share my craftyed find or idea to you all so that you can look into something like this as well

Monday, February 15, 2010

OPI Hong Kong Nail Polish

When I first saw this collection at the beauty store I was very interested to see if the new colors where going to be like the others they have already out. Well as far as I could tell they had about 4 new colors and the rest looked like similar shades they have already out. Jade is the new black really caught my eye it's really like no other green that OPI has or had out, the color is so pretty and very wearable as well. It has a blue under tone to it, it truely does look like a Jade color if you ask me. This picture does show off the true color too which I'm happy about.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


When I first saw this dress I had to have it, but when I went to order they didn't have my size. That's the one thing about LULU' when you see something you like, you have to order right then and there or you may take a loss an not get what you want but thank god they got more in.
The one thing that I loved about this dress was the big zipper in the front, and how it covered up the belly a little as well. I did order a small and it is a little to snug in the chest area but you can unzip it so I'm okay with that. The one thing I'm not liking so much is the way it looks in the back when I wear it, to me it's to big or bubbly (as you can see in the 3rd picture how it would be) it kinda puffs out a little and makes me look like I have a big oh butt haha. I'm still going to keep it and work something out only cause it's soo cute..So go check out Lulu' they update there site just about everyday and have the cutest fashionable clothes at a great price.

For some reason or another I have been on a dress kick, one night I was bored surfing the web an I came across this dress on So that wk I went to Express in a Mall I work in and tried it on I really loved the fit and the high waist band. The necklace does come off which I'm happy about that cause I'm not to sure how I feel about it. I'm a size 4, so I think it fits to size pretty good, it has a side zipper which is a little hard to zip up do to my love handles haha but nothing that I can't do about that one. I do think this dress was a little to much money for what it is $79.50, but I loved the fit and style too much to pass by BUT I had a coupon plus Express point so all in all I got a great deal on it. One good thing is that the waist band is high so if you have a little belly like me it hinds it very well.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Listerine Toothpaste

I no this may seem like a weird posting but this is one of the best toothpaste that I have come across in years. It was intro to me by a friend a few years ago, her mom works at a dentist office an this is one thing she recommands. You all may be thinking
wow it's going to burn because we all no that the mouth wash does but it's a different feeling, the mouth wash is strong I do agree with that(but if you add a little water to it, it does help) it's not as strong, an I can deal with it. This toothpaste prevents & reduces plaque, gingivitis & bad breath Plus Kills Germs!!!! The number one reason I love Listerine toothpaste is because my teeth use to bleed all the time and this was one toothpaste that helped soo much an stopped the bleeding. I do try to brush morning and night but I seem to forget about night brushing which I need to get back on track again. One thing that this does not have is teeth whiting that may bother some people but not me only cause there are so many products out there that you can buy for that, I just want a health happy mouth :)

Redken Heat Style

I love to curl my hair with a flat iron an we all know you can't use straighting heat style spray, because it wont hold the curl. I was at the beauty store looking for a product that I could use on my hair to make curls that would hold. The girl that works there told me this Redken heat style spray works great for that, so I got it. Okay so now with the review when I first used it I sprayed on wet hair which is a no no, after your hair was dry the product made it very hard and gross feeling. I did style my hair even though it felt hard an gross. Then the next day I used the product as it says to on dry hair section by section, it held the curl unreal I loved it but it still made the hair feel a little hard like hair spray. That whole day the curl held so well I was very please with the product, I wouldn't use it on wet hair or to even straighting my hair do to the hard feeling. I do think this product worked very well it was like two in one the heat protector as well as a hair spray can't bet that right..If you use something different to curl your hair that you find that works get please let me no

Friday, February 05, 2010

Hello Everyone

sorry I haven't been updating my blog much, if you would like to see more of me I do have a yout ube channel glamcandy2, I'm going to try to update more here as well

Thank you Nicole