Kitty Kat Alley

This page is going to be all about my cats and their stories about how I found them (or how they found me), the cats that live in my neighborhood that like to stop over and about their cute little personalities


Max's story is an easy one I was working at a vet and a lady that works for the MSPCA took him in. He was found all alone with no mother, I took him out of the cage and instantly fell in love right then and there. I knew I had to have him. He is about 14 now and is an outdoor cat who loves bathing in the sun, doesn't start with the other cats and  Loves sitting an cuddling on the shoulder!


Salty I got when I was with my ex-boyfriend, when we broke up I took the cat with me. Some girls take other things I took the cat lol. When he was younger he was quite the hunter. He would bring me home mice, birds and bats. His age is about the same as Max. He doesn't like to be held and he's kinda of a shy cat but he's your best friend at night when your sitting in front of the TV where he loves being massaged and rubbed.

                                        LittleDude aka LD

I think Justin should be writing this story but for now I will since he isn't here. When Justin and I first started dating he was renting a room from a friend and they had a grey cat. Everytime I would leave to go home that little guy would be outside at all hours of the night. Then on top of that they would throw him around and beat him, I told my mother I was taking him home no way in hell was this cat was going to live like that so I did! LD is 4 yrs old now which is how long Justin and I have been together and he is the devil lol... He loves starting trouble with all the other cats, when they walk by him and he is always ready to attack even when I walk by that little bastard. He is certainly a little shit who also can open and close doors so always keep your eyes on him as you walk past him or he will wrap his paws around your shins and bite you until he gets what he wants!


Princess's story I feel is kinda sad with a happy ending. She used to be living across the street from me but then she started to hangout over my house about 2 years ago. She then became prego and I was feeding her 3 to 4 times a day. Her owner came to me one day an asked if I have seen her and I said yes I have, she wasn't going home they haven't seen her in months and I mean months so basically she left her home. She had the four kittens above in the pictures next door in my neighbor's shed. I felt bad and took them in. She has a bitchy little personalty and only likes things done on her terms! Typical woman, right? Haha!

Blizzard found me about 2 years ago, he was very shy and all I wanted to do was hold him. I really can't say I remember the first time he came in the house but I know he never left. His a very special cat, loves to be loved, his purr is sooo loud an oh he loves Justin's flip flops but don't sit here and think he is dumb or not too bright. We call him The Investigator as he is ALWAYS sticking his nose in things where it doesn't belong!

PS: He loves to stay out all night in summer time and drives Marsha crazy!


My little Puffy. He is Princess's son from the picture of above. He was the last one left from the litter and nobody wanted the little cutie. Why? He is sooo cute! I started to call him wishbone since he has one on his head. Puffin's is so sweet and cuddly..... well to me he is but to everyone else it's a different story, I guess he's a momma's boy. I remember I was going through a hard time last year an he was there with me throughout the whole night. If I left the room to go to the bathroom he was right there with me ( that night a bond was made) When my mom calls him to come in he doesn't but if I do he shows right up. He makes me feel kinda special because everyone gets jealous. He just turned 1 this passed April 1st.


Little Miss. Button's she came to my mothers house last fall. She started coming by and eating and then she ended up living in one of the recycling bins in the front of the house. As the weather started getting cold mom and I started to get worried she wouldn't come in the house. I believe it was a very cold night out and Justin got her to come in the house, once she was in she didn't go out for months (I think she knew she had something good here!). I have no idea of her age and what I don't understand is how people just let go of their pets. To me their like my kids. Button's doesn't like to he handled at all and she freaks out! She loves to go out at night an only at night and she is pretty lovable.
 Oh and she cries alot at feeding time like I'm not going to feed her!


Sally's story is really sad an breaks my heart and puts tears in my eyes. I believe it was last fall I saw her she was so skinny like she didn't eat for months an on top of that she was loaded with ticks all over her neck, I picked her up took her in my arms, sat on the first stoop and took every tick off her neck, put flea treatment on her then brought her in the house. When I fed her it was like she never had eaten before, just like Buttons she didn't leave the house for months on end. She is so lovable, loves to talk to you and on top of that she sleeps in my bed on top of my pillow like a human does. Justin seems to think she thinks she is human lol. Again, we don't know her age but my best guess would put it around 3-4 years old. She also loves table food and if you leave your food unattended for more than 4-5 minutes beleive me, she will eat it!

Now we have the visitor's. These are the cats that live in the neighborhood but they don't live with me.


Chip use to livee with us for about a year then he moved on. He does come over everyday to say hi and we have no idea where he lives or with who but if you ask me I think it's kinda odd! But maybe there were too many cats for him. He is sweet but shy and has a very annoying meow at 330am when he wants to go out! No idea on his age either.


Oh Blackie! He lives up the street 2 houses over. Haha, he is an older cat that is soo sweet with no tail. His owner told me he got stuck on a fence and some how broke his tail so they had to take it off poor guy. Every morning when I let the cats out, he is right at the front door and I give him dry cat food.


Dave is another one of Princess's sons too. He lives where she did at one point but his owners don't take very good care of him. He has had no shots and hasn't even been fixed at all. I really want to go over to where he lives an tell his owners a thing or two but at the same time I feel it's not my place. Dave comes to the house just about every day an eats sometimes then he'll nap for a few and other times he goes right back out. I feel he lives a sad life but with my caring heart I try to do my best to care for the little guy. My friend Jen would love to take him home but she says she would feel bad since he is an outdoor cat. I think his about 2-3 years old but don't hold me to that.

         ***All my cats are fixed, shots up to date and well taken care of!***