Monday, October 31, 2011

So So bad at Blogging

Hey everyone,

as you can tell this whole blogging thing I'm pretty bad at. I really need to get bad in the mood of doing it, it's not that I don't love written on my blog because believe me I do, just after working 40 hours(or more I'm just soo tired when i get home) a week I really need to find the time to put aside to blog, I loved taking picture and posting part of my life with you all. If there is anything you want me to write about or that you want to see pictures of let me know. I promise I will take to do more posting. I started my Xmass shopping hoping to be done by Dec. for sure and on black Friday I'm treating myself to a new tv another reason I'm working so much to put money aside.

Madison and Michael at the pumpkin patch

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Sorry... Gross baby food

Hello Everyone I'm so sorry I haven't been vlogging for the pass week I do feel so bad, last week I got a stomach bug from a girl I work with I had it for about 24 hours then the after side effects not feeling so well stayed for a few more days, An what do you know it's now a week later an no blog post Damit I suck sorry. not much has been going on, started Xmass shopping, yeah that sounds crazy but I want it done an over with by Nov lol.. wishful thinking. Sally my black cat hasn't been feeling so well. She's the talker out of all them an she's be quite. This breaks my heart so I have been spending alot of time caring for her. Today she seems alot better jumping on the counter thank god cuz she wasn't doing that at all.

On the makeup end of things I have been dieing to get more Inglot eyeshadows just wish there was one near me and Sigma Makeup came out with new brushes that I found a givaway and blog post on site which is a very nice blog you should check her out. I'm thinking about getting a brush to see how I like them

My friend Jenny and I did a baby food tag on youtube haha

an I have been making more bracelets too will post pictures after I mail them out to my friends

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bath and Body Works Candles LOVE THEM

not to long ago these little cuties were on sale 2 for $10 so I grab about 6 of them to try out some scents that I would want in a large candle so far Woodland Berry is nice but not that strong, Sugar Cinnamon donut is nice and I'm still up in the air about getting a large one it's sweet and sugar smells nice, and now I'm burning Fireside marshmallow ( I did get a large candle in this I heard it's amazing)

Saturday, October 01, 2011


Hello everyone, so this month alot of people are trying to get together and vlog or blog for the whole month of October, so I decided that I want to try since last month was a failure all together

Please let me know what kinda blogs your looking forwarding to seeing well it be just pic of whatever I'm doing through out the day, the cat or things I buy.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Sale

                                        Everything is sold or I giveaway !!!

****Blog Sale Rules**** Please read carefully.

1. PAYMENT: is through PAYPAL ONLY.

2. SHIPPING and HANDLING: For USA & Canada $3 for first item and an additional $0.50 for each additional item. For international shipping $7 for the first item and an additional $0.75 for each additional item.

3. BUYING/BIDDING: This will be on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. I will send you an invoice for the items available. Please let me know ASAP if you don't want the items in your invoice.

4. Leave a list of the items you would like to purchase in the comments, as well as an e-mail address that I can send your Paypal Invoice to. Please also specify which USA/Canada or International. I will also contact you through that e-mail address for your mailing address.

5. If you win, please pay within 48 hours after the invoice has been sent.

6. Everything is final sale. No returns.

8. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.

9. Check your email a few minutes after you inquire for something. If you have an invoice you won!

                               MAC Azalea Blossom limited Edition $35 used a few times

                                    BareMinerals eyeshadows $5 each top row left to right

        Idol, Skyline and bamboo (bottom row) stone light, stone medium, and stone dark ( all 3 $12)

                          I really never used any of these much they ar pretty much like new
                                             Clinique set $9.00 used the eyeshdows once

                                              Urban Decay - Cult matte eyeshadow $9.00
                                                             used about 10 times

                                   MAC Studio Sculp concealer NW20 used a few time $10

                                 BareMinerals eyeshadow - celestine  $5.00 hardly used it

                MAC Limited Edition paintpot Dangerous Cuvee $20.00 I used once that was it SOLD

                           MAC limited edition Hello Kitty Blush Tippy $30 used a fews if that SOLD

                HARD to find  Benefit F.Y ..EYE eyeshadowbase used 3 time maybe $15.00 

                 MAC studio stick foundation NW15 to light for me used about 4 times $10

                         NARS sheer Matte foundation used about 6 times color GOBI $35

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Share my weekend breakfast with me

Every weekend Justin always ask that I make breakfast and I can never get away from not making it for him. For some reason or another he loves the way I make breakfast which to me it isn't hard at all but to him he just wont do it lol LAZY can you say. An every weekend it's the same thing bacon, pancakes, eggs and maybe cinnamon buns too oh and don't forget the chocolate milk. So while I was cooking I took some pictures of me cooking, the flowers from the kitchen window and the cats hanging out

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Half Moon Nail

For a few weeks I have been dieing to do this nail art design, I wasn't to sure how to do so I went on youtube and looked up half moon nail an so many vid's popped up. I pick 2 nail polish that worked well together which are butter london - big smoke and china glaze - sea spray.

I was really happy with the look of the nail, can't wait to try this design with different colors nows

Room make over

About a month ago I was at Marshall's and came across a few things that I couldn't leave with out. Plus one purchase from Bath and Body works

I got the 2 frames from Marshall's each $6.99 and the Owl $5.50 at Bath and Body Works, I also got a wicked cute set of zebra sheets $39.00 that I'm soo loving and last but not least a owl pillow $12.99

If you have Marshall's near you it's so worth checking it out but to just let you no store like this can be a hit of miss too

Monday, September 05, 2011

Saturdays Look of the day

I can't believe that it's Labor Day weekend and that Summer is over!!! I know allot of people love the fall weather because it's cooler, you can break out your sweaters and the air feels crisp. I for one Love summer and Hate the fall, to me fall means that winter is on it's way. On Saturday Justin and I planned on trying Red Mango, if you don't know what Red Mango is it's kinda like PinkBerry. I had a dress from Target that I haven't wore yet so I broke it out and finally did my makeup ( which I haven't done in so long).

for the look above I used the UD 15th Year palette

on the inner corner I used Vanilla
on the rest of the lid I used Deep End
and the outer V area I used Evidence

I have to say I was very happy with the out come of this look

The Dress is from Target $19.99, I did get a few weeks ago and  if you like it, you can still get it.

Red Mango was surprisingly good, it's all buy weight, you pick your cup, then swirl your ice cream, put toppings on and eat. Justin was Funny he had no clue how it worked so when we got to pay his cup was $7.50 lol mine on the other hand was only $2.65.

I'm not to sure which I like better Red Mango or PinkBerry guess I will be doing a battle of the frozen yogurt soon

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nail Polish Wear

The polish I'm wearing is Nail inc color warwick way, I painted my nails last monday night. Both hands have OPI Nail Envy as a base and 2 coats of polish. I wanted to do a test to see if this polish would hold better with a top coat or not. From the pictures below you'll the result

Left hand coat seche vite

Right hand no top coat

Top coat WINS 

Nail inc. - warwick way

One would think after having 50 plus nail polishes that she doesn't need Not me, companies keep coming out with new colors, textures and formulas and they keep getting better. I have read a few blogs about Nail Inc but could never get my hands on this brand do to that it was only sold just in London area plus there site does say they do not deliver outside of the UK and Ireland, that was a bummer for me. Until I found out that they are now selling it at Sephora (click here to check out). I have a Sephora down the street from my work so I called there first, the girl had no clue what I was talking about then she goes to say that since that store is small they don't carry everything which makes since now. The very next day I had off which I found myself driving down the highway lol to the mall OMG they had the display in this Sephora.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Julep nail polish Anne

Have you ever had a nail polish bottle for years upon years and finally break it out to find out that it was no longer good but wishing and hoping you could still try to use it? Well that was me with the polish Anne from Julep the other night an the bottle was new maybe a month old. It was so thick and gross I wanted to throw it out but in stand I wrote to the company last night to see what they can do and well I'm still waiting. That's not good customer service if you ask me.( I'm updating this part, I heard back from Julep today Susie contracted me and was so sorry she is sending me out a new Anne plus another polish with it, how sweet and cool is that, Now I can say what great customer service that is) I did take picture to show you. If you have gotten polishes from them have you had this problem or am I the only one.

Friday, August 19, 2011


With in the last few shopping trips I had made to different stores I have came across alot of things with owls on them. I'm really surprised but most of all so happy I Love Owls!!! I have had a thing for them for may years. The Horned Owl has been one of my favorites

There are so many amazing things about owls, the reason they move there heads all around is that they can't move there eyes (they can rotate their heads and necks as much as 270 degrees in either direct), they have the ability to fly almost silently and also more slowly in comparison to other birds of prey and the last cool thing about them is that they have an audible range similar to that of humans, but are far more acute to certain frequencies which allow it to detect even the slightest movements of its prey. Once the owl has determined the location of its prey, it flies towards it according to the last sound perceived. If the prey moves, the owl is able to adjust its flight pattern mid-flight

When I went into Bath and Body Works they had plugs in with owls, candle holder which I must have and a oil burner

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jello Poke Cupcakes

About a week ago my mother asked my oldest friend Lauri and her 3 daughters over for dinner. As the two of them were trying to figure out dinner, I on the other hand was thinking about desert . I came across a blog post about jello cupcakes so I then asked my mother if she ever heard of this, she goes don't you remember when you were little I would make jello poke cakes. I for one can't really remember much of my child hood, know idea why but I told her No,she goes an pulls out all these old recipe's and let me tell you they are old, the papers are turning yellow lol. It turned out to be a great idea for desert so she made them. She made the cupcakes the day of and since she is retired and I work, I had asked her to take pictures for my blog.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Dude and his box!!!

A few weeks ago Jen and I went to Kmart to grab a box to use for beading. When we got home I had to cut part some of the box  but the other half I put back together and every since I put it on the floor in the kitchen LittleDude has not left it. Well he has to go out an do his thing plus eat but you all know what I mean. I don't know what it is about cats an boxes but they sure do Love them

I have been making macrame bracelet and will soon be selling them. My blog will be the first to get a sneak peak at how amazing they will be. Hoping soon Jen an I will be opening a store on Esty too I'm really excited

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nail Polish Wear

Have you ever wondered how long someones polish last on their nails before they paint them again? I do, so I'm going to take after photo's of my nail polish wear and tell you how long I had them  painted and when they stated to chip. So lets get started

  left hand

right hand

I painted my nails last Thursday night, I first started seening signs of wear about saturday morning when I was in the shower one nail started to chip. Then after that I would say the wear on the nails started more towards Sunday, where you could see the tips wearing away. From there it was all down hill chipping. All in all it did last pretty long 7 days and you can see from the pictures what took place.

base coat OPI Nail Envy the original
polish is Illamasqua Baptiste 2 coats
top coat seche Vite

Monday, August 08, 2011

August Birch Box

When I check my email on Saturday morning it said that my birch box had shipped and would arrive on Monday (which is today). I did sneak peek on YouTube to see what was in it and to be honest I was pretty upset it was Meh. There were two different boxes that went out, one for the skin lovers which is me and the other for the makeup lovers. I'm pretty sure that's how it works but I  also could be wrong.  I'm still trying to figure out how they know what to ship to whom. So lets see what I got then shall we!!

When you first open the box the above pictures is what it looks like

Sunday, August 07, 2011

EOS GiveAway Closed

GiveAway time!!!! I'm going to make this a easy one for you..

1. you have to be a follower of my blog
2. please leave your email address so that I can contract you if you shall win
3. all I want to know is your summer must have, it can be anything you want it to be
4. I will pick the winner Friday August 12th

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Illamasqua Nailpolish -Baptiste

I have always heard amazing things about Illamasqua products, when Jen and I were to Sephora a few weeks ago this nailpolish caught my eyes. When you look at it in the bottle the fuchsia  pulls through with a copper tone. It's just a Gorgeous color all around but when it's on the nails it's more of a dark purple. In the picture below I put 2 coats on. I paid $14.00 for the bottle

Have you ever tried Illamasqua products? If so what do you think I should try next?

Friday, August 05, 2011

What's in my Night Stand?

I have seen so many girls on YouTube do "Whats in my purse?" or even shower video's but I have never seen anyone do "What's in my night stand or night table?" so I'm doing one. I did leave everything as is so that you can see how it really looks on a day to day basis.

This is what my night stand/table looks like from afar, just in case you're wondering that's Button's. The cats love looking out the window in my room.

This is the top looking down at my corner mess that I have going on. The nailpolishes are ones that I haven't used just yet that need I to use (OPI mermaid's tears, Essie braziliant, Butter London yummy mummy and Illamasqua baptiste that I just painted last night), my 2 lip products that were in my July favorites, bobby pins, my books I'm reading, Pocketbac hand sanitizer and some pills that I should take that help burn fat in the belly area that really have been sitting there for months on end! LOL!

Now you have the mess that is inside OMG it needs to get cleaned out, the containers I did get at the Container Store, love that place. On the left side is where I have all my Lush products that is expired already and should be in the trash plus my EOS lip balms. In the middle I have pens, earphones and pills ( vit C and head stuff). Towards the right it's all papers and my box with my migraine pills. What a mess of a draw, wait till you see the next one lol....

Last draw has all my Wii games, box to my watch Toy-Watch which is the brand and the purple box has nothing in it but for some reason I need to save it!

Is your night stand/table just as messy as mine?