Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Sorry... Gross baby food

Hello Everyone I'm so sorry I haven't been vlogging for the pass week I do feel so bad, last week I got a stomach bug from a girl I work with I had it for about 24 hours then the after side effects not feeling so well stayed for a few more days, An what do you know it's now a week later an no blog post Damit I suck sorry. not much has been going on, started Xmass shopping, yeah that sounds crazy but I want it done an over with by Nov lol.. wishful thinking. Sally my black cat hasn't been feeling so well. She's the talker out of all them an she's be quite. This breaks my heart so I have been spending alot of time caring for her. Today she seems alot better jumping on the counter thank god cuz she wasn't doing that at all.

On the makeup end of things I have been dieing to get more Inglot eyeshadows just wish there was one near me and Sigma Makeup came out with new brushes that I found a givaway and blog post on site which is a very nice blog you should check her out. I'm thinking about getting a brush to see how I like them

My friend Jenny and I did a baby food tag on youtube haha

an I have been making more bracelets too will post pictures after I mail them out to my friends

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