Monday, August 29, 2011

Nail inc. - warwick way

One would think after having 50 plus nail polishes that she doesn't need Not me, companies keep coming out with new colors, textures and formulas and they keep getting better. I have read a few blogs about Nail Inc but could never get my hands on this brand do to that it was only sold just in London area plus there site does say they do not deliver outside of the UK and Ireland, that was a bummer for me. Until I found out that they are now selling it at Sephora (click here to check out). I have a Sephora down the street from my work so I called there first, the girl had no clue what I was talking about then she goes to say that since that store is small they don't carry everything which makes since now. The very next day I had off which I found myself driving down the highway lol to the mall OMG they had the display in this Sephora.

It was so hard to pick one color out of this whole display. I had two colors in my hand warwick way which is described as a bright emerald  and  Belgrave Place described as a deep cobalt purple ( I need to go back for that one) from that being said I'm sure you know which one I got now. $9.50 is the cost

This polish goes on like a new pair of gloves, it's so smooth, not thick, or to watery, it was just so perfect and the best part it dries so fast I was amazed. Next time your in a Sephora keep an eye open for these pretties

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