Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bath&Body Works Donut pocketbac

Who doesn't love Donuts? I have to say they are my favorite treat in the morning to eat. My favorite flavors I love are, chocolate frosted with jimmies yummo, chocolate glaze and jelly. Today I went into Bath&Body Works they had the donut pocketbac's I had to get all 5 how could have not lol. They were 5 for $5 plus I had a coupon that I got in the mail for one free so I did end up with 6 but give that one away I think that one was island escape which does smell nice an fruity okay getting off track here lets get back to the donuts now.

The 5 flavors or should I say smells are going from left to right Jelly Jam Donut, ( which to me this one kinda smells like cough meds gross) Blueberry Cake Donut it  has the blueberry cake smell it's nice, Raspberry Frost Donut now we are talking I love the way this smells just as it says raspberry, Chocolate Creme Donut to me this smells weird but you can tell it's chocolate for sure and Cinnamon Glazed donut smells just as it says cinnamon. I think the packaging is way too cute on these an that was more or less why I got them, I think we all can be a sucker for cute packaging.

While I was outside taking pictures I had a few furry friends with me and guess what I got a few pictures of them too here they are

do you no which cat is which now?

xoxo Nicole

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