Monday, August 08, 2011

August Birch Box

When I check my email on Saturday morning it said that my birch box had shipped and would arrive on Monday (which is today). I did sneak peek on YouTube to see what was in it and to be honest I was pretty upset it was Meh. There were two different boxes that went out, one for the skin lovers which is me and the other for the makeup lovers. I'm pretty sure that's how it works but I  also could be wrong.  I'm still trying to figure out how they know what to ship to whom. So lets see what I got then shall we!!

When you first open the box the above pictures is what it looks like

They also put in a description card of what the product are.

An these are the August products. The only product I was kinda excited about was the twistband, I have seen them in a few magazine and always wanted to try them out

The first product is June Jacobs - papaya purifying enzyme masque, I'm hoping this is going to be good because my skin is a mess and enzyme are amazing for clearing up acne skin

product 2. Ouidad - climate control heat &  humidity gel, it would be pretty cool if this helps with the frizz hair this summer ( because my hair is a crazy frizz ball lol)

product 3. shaveworks - cool fix, this is a shaving product which I'm going to give to Justin since he has more ingrown hairs then me, from what it say you put on after you shave interesting

product 4. Smashbox cosmetics - photo finish foundation primer, I'm not a primer person at all and I'm pretty sure I may not be using this product.

Then the extra was the hair tie that is already in my hair and I have to say I like it. All in all there are a few products that I will try but the others I just may give away.


MsRinz said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I'm a makeup junkie and I want makeup lol

Nicole1275 said...

@MsRinz I hear you there