Friday, August 05, 2011

What's in my Night Stand?

I have seen so many girls on YouTube do "Whats in my purse?" or even shower video's but I have never seen anyone do "What's in my night stand or night table?" so I'm doing one. I did leave everything as is so that you can see how it really looks on a day to day basis.

This is what my night stand/table looks like from afar, just in case you're wondering that's Button's. The cats love looking out the window in my room.

This is the top looking down at my corner mess that I have going on. The nailpolishes are ones that I haven't used just yet that need I to use (OPI mermaid's tears, Essie braziliant, Butter London yummy mummy and Illamasqua baptiste that I just painted last night), my 2 lip products that were in my July favorites, bobby pins, my books I'm reading, Pocketbac hand sanitizer and some pills that I should take that help burn fat in the belly area that really have been sitting there for months on end! LOL!

Now you have the mess that is inside OMG it needs to get cleaned out, the containers I did get at the Container Store, love that place. On the left side is where I have all my Lush products that is expired already and should be in the trash plus my EOS lip balms. In the middle I have pens, earphones and pills ( vit C and head stuff). Towards the right it's all papers and my box with my migraine pills. What a mess of a draw, wait till you see the next one lol....

Last draw has all my Wii games, box to my watch Toy-Watch which is the brand and the purple box has nothing in it but for some reason I need to save it!

Is your night stand/table just as messy as mine?

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