Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jello Poke Cupcakes

About a week ago my mother asked my oldest friend Lauri and her 3 daughters over for dinner. As the two of them were trying to figure out dinner, I on the other hand was thinking about desert . I came across a blog post about jello cupcakes so I then asked my mother if she ever heard of this, she goes don't you remember when you were little I would make jello poke cakes. I for one can't really remember much of my child hood, know idea why but I told her No,she goes an pulls out all these old recipe's and let me tell you they are old, the papers are turning yellow lol. It turned out to be a great idea for desert so she made them. She made the cupcakes the day of and since she is retired and I work, I had asked her to take pictures for my blog.

here is what she did, she got a box of vanilla cake mix made per box instructions for cupcakes, took them out of the oven and while the cupcakes were cooling off she made the strawberry jello as per the box. Once she was done with that she poked holes in the cupcakes with a folk all the way to the bottom of them, she took a spoon of the jello and poured that right over the cupcakes. Once this step was done the cupcakes go in the refrigerator to set for 3 to 4 hours for the jello to set. For the frosting part you can do a few different things cool whip, whip cream or cream cheese frosting. We did the cool whip and the whip cream. OMG these cupcakes were a hit with everyone that night

here are a few pictures of the girls eating the cupcakes and having fun with the whip cream. They are too freaking cute.

PS that night I had 2 of them lol they tasted just like strawberry short cake

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