Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nail Polish Wear

Have you ever wondered how long someones polish last on their nails before they paint them again? I do, so I'm going to take after photo's of my nail polish wear and tell you how long I had them  painted and when they stated to chip. So lets get started

  left hand

right hand

I painted my nails last Thursday night, I first started seening signs of wear about saturday morning when I was in the shower one nail started to chip. Then after that I would say the wear on the nails started more towards Sunday, where you could see the tips wearing away. From there it was all down hill chipping. All in all it did last pretty long 7 days and you can see from the pictures what took place.

base coat OPI Nail Envy the original
polish is Illamasqua Baptiste 2 coats
top coat seche Vite


Crumz said...
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Anonymous said...

Its usually really good to use polish as a system, that usually helps with it working properly. Meaning, if you use OPI products, for best results you would want to use an OPI basecoat and topcoat.
Also, you always want to remove all residue and polish from the nail. Then you might want to swipe the nails with rubbing alcohol. This helps dehydrate the nails, allowing the polish to adhere better. Use a THIN coat of basecoat, and 2 thin layers of polish. I used to have a problem with putting too thick of polish, but dont worry, if you see streaks the first time, the second coat usually takes care of that. Too thick of an application of polish just lets the polish peel right off.
Then top coat it all, you can always swipe the free edge of the nail across with the top coat to really seal the polish along the edges. Without doing this step, the polish does show wear much quicker.
Hope these steps help you get a few more days our of your polish.
Oh, also forgot to mention. While cleaning, or doing dishes if you do these things, you want to wear gloves. Really, you do. The chemicals and water can cause the nails to chip so much faster.
Let me know how this works for you! :)
Nail Artist