Monday, September 05, 2011

Saturdays Look of the day

I can't believe that it's Labor Day weekend and that Summer is over!!! I know allot of people love the fall weather because it's cooler, you can break out your sweaters and the air feels crisp. I for one Love summer and Hate the fall, to me fall means that winter is on it's way. On Saturday Justin and I planned on trying Red Mango, if you don't know what Red Mango is it's kinda like PinkBerry. I had a dress from Target that I haven't wore yet so I broke it out and finally did my makeup ( which I haven't done in so long).

for the look above I used the UD 15th Year palette

on the inner corner I used Vanilla
on the rest of the lid I used Deep End
and the outer V area I used Evidence

I have to say I was very happy with the out come of this look

The Dress is from Target $19.99, I did get a few weeks ago and  if you like it, you can still get it.

Red Mango was surprisingly good, it's all buy weight, you pick your cup, then swirl your ice cream, put toppings on and eat. Justin was Funny he had no clue how it worked so when we got to pay his cup was $7.50 lol mine on the other hand was only $2.65.

I'm not to sure which I like better Red Mango or PinkBerry guess I will be doing a battle of the frozen yogurt soon

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