Monday, September 28, 2009

Tigi dry shampoo and Hair spray

I found 2 hair products this month that I'm loving so far the brand is called Rockaholic, so far the only place that I have seen it at has been Trade Secrets and a discount store that I can get into for hair dresses, the first product that I have been using is the Fun times hair spray, I just LOVE this stuff it's a very light hold but does the job so great plus smells nice as well. the second product is Dirty Secret, this is a dry Shampoo for those that don't like to wash there hair every day like me and have oily hair. You just spray this at the root of the hair an the powder just absorbs the excess oils. So if you ever seen these two products please give them a try I'm sure you're love just as much as I do


Mrs. SharonS said...

I recommend Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry's better than the can spray. Also, for those who are on a budget, a mix of baking soda and baby powder should do the trick.

Kiss N' Makeup Designz said...

These products look nice, I always wanted to try dry shampoo. :) Keep up the blogging!