Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ikea !!

I have a med size room at my mothers house that I have been trying to make my own. With in the last few months I have been goingto Ikea alot looking around for new lighting which I need to take a picture of the cutest lights I got Plus I found this picture here too. I haven't gotten it yet, still up in the air about it but I think I may go back an get I keep looking at the picture on my phone like a dork lol.


PB and J apparel said...

i really like the picture you should get it
looks cool and i love ikea there stuff is amazing

Nicole1275 said...

I love Ikea too there stuff is cheap but has the fun feel to it, I really think i may get this picture,thanks for the comment


Hannah Michelle said...

Oh, I like this picture too! x