Sunday, February 07, 2010

Redken Heat Style

I love to curl my hair with a flat iron an we all know you can't use straighting heat style spray, because it wont hold the curl. I was at the beauty store looking for a product that I could use on my hair to make curls that would hold. The girl that works there told me this Redken heat style spray works great for that, so I got it. Okay so now with the review when I first used it I sprayed on wet hair which is a no no, after your hair was dry the product made it very hard and gross feeling. I did style my hair even though it felt hard an gross. Then the next day I used the product as it says to on dry hair section by section, it held the curl unreal I loved it but it still made the hair feel a little hard like hair spray. That whole day the curl held so well I was very please with the product, I wouldn't use it on wet hair or to even straighting my hair do to the hard feeling. I do think this product worked very well it was like two in one the heat protector as well as a hair spray can't bet that right..If you use something different to curl your hair that you find that works get please let me no

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