Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lush Easter Products

On March 15th Lush came out with there Easter products, I was very excited to see what they were and smell them for sure!! they came out with a little yellow bunny( toward the left bottom of the picture) it's called honey bunny which smells just like honeybee it cost $3.95 which is smaller then the bath bomb so if you do like honeybee then this is a good deal, (next above that towards the right) is Hippie Chick which is a chicken bath bomb it smells amazing like grapefruit, citrus something that Lush doesn't have present in the stores and I LOVE THIS !!! cost is $5.95 (above that in pink) You have the Candy Fluffy Egg, if you love or like sweet smells then this one is for you, it smells like candy fluff the body powder they have with a mix or godmother soap and fairy godmother, to me it's too sweet but for someone else with a sweet tooth they will love, cost $6.95. The big yellow egg is honeybee and that's a big bath bomb you can get about 4 -6 baths I would say off of that big guy it also comes with Ma bar bubble bar and Honey I wash the kids soap which is placed inside half of the bath bomb, this is a great deal I think $24.95 because if you think about it honeybee bath bomb goes for $6.25 4 of those would be $25.00 alone and you get 2 other things along with that great deal. you can see the read up about Dorothy the bubble bar below

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