Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tea Time

For a while now I have been drinking tea, one of my close friends got me hooked. Over last summer I went with her severally times to Teavana an I would get 2oz of tea to try them out to see what I like best, so far I love white teas, green, herbal and rooibos. I did find a few mixes that I love together an they are, strawberry lemonade(herbal) mixed with fruta bomba or mixed with apple lemon pomegranata(rooibos) which I have been making allot of lately, youthberry(white tea) mixed with wild orange blossom(herbal), I have also tried tahitian limeda which is going to be great for the summer, there are so many different teas to choose from or mix together I get overwhelmed at times. I always wanted a tea pot so when I saw this little guy on line I new I had to have him but it was sold out, so when I went to Teavana the next week there it was, so cute and little, it makes only 4oz of tea. The cost for this tea pot was $29.99, I had a $10.00 off coupon so what a better time to buy him(his a little mouse) it's made out of purple clay which is dated back to Sung Dynasty(960-1279)when purple clay was first discovered. This I didn't no at all, that artsans utilize purple clay which contains natural minerals to create beautiful products. So when you use these kinds of tea pots you have to use the same favor tea in them cuz they do absorb the tea flavor with continued usage. That means if you are using a fruit tea you have to Always use a fruit tea in that one pot, I'm okay with this because that's all I really love right now is fruit teas. When you brew the tea you add your measured tea and german rock cane sugar( you can get at Teavana as well)to the pot let it steep for the lengh of that tea time, and then pour out his mouth an Enjoy you cup of tea.

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