Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swap from Canada

I have never done a swap before an it's kinda funny how it happened, so let me tell you my story. Well some of you may no that I do vid's on you tube an I did a vid on ECO's lip balm, one of my followers ask where she can get them so here is the US we have stores called Wal-Greens and Rite Aid, she doesn't have those kinda stores in Canada,I then asked her if she would like me to grab them and mail out, she was soo excited that I would have even asked she then asked what I would lik,e I was dieing to try a few things from Canada as well, so we decided to do a swap for about $40, we collected all our stuff for a few weeks this way we wouldn't go poor in the mean time haha and then shipped out at the end of the month which was March. The above picture is what I got from that swap I was soo excited an happy with everything. Here is a close up picture of the Annebell eyeshadow quads she sent me I love these colors soo much they are soo me and wearable for a everyday looks. The next picture is from Gosh which I have been dieing to try there stuff , like the Annebelle here in the US we can only order on line which is kinda hard to color match things and if you don't like then you have to ship back and pay more money for shipping. I was glad she pick these products out for me, she does have similar taste to mine so it made it alot easier on the both of us when picking out stuff.The eyeshadows are amazing I was soo happy to try these out, they are soo pretty on an again something I can wear every day. OMG this lip gloss is amazing, it has a little mirror on it as well when u open it a light I No a light how cool is that, so when I'm at the movies and need to apply lipgloss this is the one thats going with me haha, the color is a light gold which I never really wear but will on this one very pretty on. The last picture is of a gloss I never heard of Quo Double Dip Lip Gloss, let me tell you it smells soo good it has clear lipgloss on the outside and the inner tube is a pretty light pink tint, fun to wear but I don't notice the color to much on my lips, and with that she sent Burt bees products which you can get here in the US.The last 2 things were polish which are on the side the brand is OPI by Nicole too funny my name is Nicole, they also sell these at Walmart which we can get in the US but over all it was a fun swap and I can't wait to do it again with her.

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