Thursday, November 18, 2010

One more update of the miscarry

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to post what happened to me because I know that it happens to women everyday, I though my story would help someone else out plus it just made me feel better talking about it as well. It's been a few wks now since I wrote on here last so here is the next update, for almost a wk after I miscarried I was having really bad pains I had no clue why or what was going on, I was taking anything an everything to help the pain an nothing and I mean nothing was helping. It was Halloween day and I called my CVS to see if they knew anything about the meds that I took, they told me it would pass within 24 hrs out of my body an said I should go to the ER, Well I didn't want to because of the fee $100. After a few hours the pain did go away the next day was Monday finally so I called my doctor, she told me that I still had tissue left over in me that the pain was my body trying to rid of it. The funny thing is once i got off the phone with her the tissue did pass an I felt 100% better. I'm going back in Jan for test to see why I can't carry, I can get prego but for some reason or another I just can't carry the baby it's very upsetting since everyone around me is or has them, I feel like at times I have nothing in common with my friends because everytime we are together they always seem to talk about there kids an what am I going to talk about my cats haha..I do have a few great friends that know how I feel an they talk about life and everything else that's going on other then their kids which is nice

I'm hoping to update my blog more sorry I haven't be around in a while
Love me

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