Friday, June 24, 2011

I no I no

Hey Everyone

I use to write on my blog alot an stopped I really don't know why but I'm going to try to start  posting once a week for you, I do have a youtube channel an to be honest I'm kinda sick of youtube it just seems that everyone is doing the same but in a different way that to me gets old fast. What are your thoughts on youtube as of lately?

tomorrow Justin and I are going to see Bad Teacher OMG can I say I have been waiting for this movie to come out for months an it's finally here woo hoo. Justin has been on a Pinkberry kick too so we are going to hit that up, I'll take pictures an post what we get who doesn't love pinkberry right

other then that not much has been going on. oh I did get a new nail polish will post that picture when I paint them too so excited about the color it's a orange so forget the name opps lol

I started up beading bracelets again I use to take classes all the time an stopped due to getting laid off not making lots of money you know how that goes right

Love Nicole

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