Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Laura Mercier - Black Karat eyeshadow

My friend Vanessa who I meant on Twitter about a year ago has the same birth month as myself, hers is July 15th and I'm the 12th, she is amazing person, I can't say enough good  things about her, I wanted to send her a gift but she wasn't having it then one day she said lets do a birthday swap!!! what a wonderful idea, so we set the cap at $50... So last Tue an what a better day to get my gift only because it was my birthday I received her gift WOW she gifted some amazing things I had tears in my eye ( yes I no I'm a dork crying over a gift lol) but the one gift that stood out for me was the Laura Mercier eyeshadow it's not cheap that I know maybe around $20 or so, an it's amazing shadow. I went out with the girls last Sat night, I wore a black base then applied the shadow on top then on the inner corner of the eye I put MAC's goldmine .. it looked amazing, I so wish I took pictures of the look maybe I'll do a fast vid on youtube to show you all

Love Nicole xoxo

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