Friday, July 29, 2011

My Gabbies Goodies

Hey everyone,

My Boss had just opened up a store on line where she makes Bon Bons, she has several different flavors which are Coconut Almond Bon Bon , Coconut Macadamia Bon Bon , Hazelnut Latte Bon Bon , Lemon Macadamia Bon Bon , Macadamia White Bon Bon , Peanut Butter Bon Bon and my all time favorite Pistachio Cardamom Bon Bon . All her ingredients that she uses is all gluten free due to her and her daughter who the store is named after have a reaction to eating gluten. For the holidays she would bring them in to work then people started to tell her she should open a store it took a few years to do with being busy with work and having to 2 kids but she got there. Her website is amazing an the pictures of the bon bons look soo yummy too. please take the time to check her site out and maybe even order, it's nice to support small business

xoxo Nicole

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