Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Redken Nature's Rescue

Just so you know I did grab the image above off the net.. hope you don't mind lol

I have been using the refreshing detox shampoo and cooling deep conditioner for about 4 to 5 months now, I'm on my second jar of the conditioner as we speak. These products are amazing is all I have to say

the shampoo is  -   silicone free   paraben free   sulfate free

I do feel that you have to use more then the normal amount of shampoo when washing the hair, it doesn't sud up at all an you kinda feel like it's not cleaning your hair but you can so feel the scalp tinkly away. I do have to say that it is kinda odd washing with no suds lol

The back of the bottle says " sulfate-free cleanser washes away daily stress by helping eliminate impurities, pollution and buildup, formulated with moisturizing aloe vera and soy protein to help protect the hair

The conditioner comes in a jar which I kinda like but don't, it's good cuz you can take as much as you want but at the same time I feel that extra water from my fingers get in ( yeah I'm weird an it may not) the jar too lol (only me) once I put in my hair you can feel this cooling feel OMG it's soo nice an refreshing I love it

 no silicones and no parabens in the conditioners

the back of the jar says " ultra moisturizing conditioner helps rebalance hair while cooling and soothing the scalp, formulated with sea algae, aloe vera and soy protein to help protect the hair.

after washing an drying my hair you so can tell that it looks an feels clean, my mother asked me one day if I highlighted my hair I was like Nope then I got thinking I used this shampoo that day OMG it gives your hair the refresh look like you walked out of the salon.

If you haven't tried these products you really need to

Love Nicole xoxo

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