Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nubar Peacock Feathers polish

months and months ago I emailed Nubar to see if they had this polish in stock the customer representative told me that they are no longer making it ( the website say discountinued), then about a week ago I got a email from her (okay now who saves email from months an months ago I was stocked) saying that they have a few bottles back in stock OMG I was so excited you have no Idea well maybe you do lol, I called her after work an ordered it the shipping was not cheap $11.00 which is crazy but I had to have this polish it really looks like peacock feathers huss the name lol, the pictures I took don 't do to much for it but it's amazing douchrome were it goes from a purple to green and a orange brown color it's just amazing is all I have to say

here are a few picture

an here are a few pictures of the cats that were in the yard when I was taking pictures, LD is up frist then Sally who you have seen before

Thanks for stopping bye, hope you all have a great weekend

Love Nicole

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