Monday, July 25, 2011

Lush Mint Julips lip scrub

This lip scrub goes for $8.95 on Lush's website. I got my jar about a year ago when they first came out , they also come in 2 other scents Bubble Gum and Sweet Lips (the reason why I picked this scent to me it smelled the best out of the 3 of them personal), I always loved the fun little names they give there products don't you? I have to say this product is a little messy but I found that if you wet your fingers a little them pinch some you differently can pick it much better.

the mess in my sink of wasted producted

I like to scrub my lips in circles like a mini massage  for a few seconds then I always wash it off with water but they say you can lick it off but since I'm sweet enough I figure I don't need all that sugar lol
it does make your lips feel soft an refreshed plus soo smooth for kissing

The scrub also has a sticker at the bottom from the picture above the person on that sticker is who makes the product, what date it was made and when it will go bad, I'm not saying that you can't use after the date but most of there products like lotions I have noticed don't smell the same.

If you have used this lip scrub or a different one let me know what you like an dislike about the product, my only con is the wasted product and for sugar  and mint oil it could have been a little cheaper

xoxo Nicole

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